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I am (a) Professor of History at Colorado State University – Pueblo in Pueblo, Colorado and a vice president of the Colorado conference of the American Association of University Professors. You can find out more about me at my campus web site, here.

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13 11 2008

Nice blog. I enjoy reading it.

1 02 2009
David McDonald

Well said, Jonathan. Surprised the reporter or any of the other commentators out there accept unquestioningly the imputation–without any evidence beyond apparent malice aforethought–that Stan willfully distorted the record.

20 02 2009
An Adjunct’s tale and Seperate and Unequal « Burnt-out Adjunct

[…] contrast this with a post by Jonathan Rees, who attempts to bring in Freakonomics into the present situation by writing: [after quoting my bit […]

6 08 2009
Evan Roberts

hi Jonathan

I was looking at some 1925 cost of living surveys and they had a question about ice, so I thought of you. How is that project going?


18 08 2009
sandy price

mentioned your blog today in mine. no great shakes – borrowed the photo of reagan, gave you credit, mentioned the article in which it was used, and linked to your blog. thought you might wanna know…

all the best.

22 03 2010
Shannon W.

Clumping through your blog is stirring up my bittersweet memories as a Humanities instructor – and reminding me that when I left it was with good reason. It’s easy to look back now and remember those shining moments when students let something in. And easy the ignore the much more frequent “what’s it to you if a text in class – I’m paying to be here” moments. :/

19 08 2010

Just doing some casual geneaology research and ran across your blog–one of my great-grandfathers was supposed to have been killed in a steel mill accident (possibly involving a reel of wire) in Pueblo, CO during the time frame your book covers (around 1929/1930), but not much else is known. I’m kind of curious about the overall context, so I may have to take a looks at your book.

13 06 2012
Do You Fear Open Educational Resources? That’s Silly. « Billy Meinke's Blog

[…] in this at all, it’s worth a couple minutes to glance at the comments to this blog post.  Jonathan Rees (history professor at CSU) and Stephen Downes (co-inventor of the original MOOC) both offered some […]

13 07 2012
Broken? | Music for Deckchairs

[…] just concluded, on the subject of academic casualisation—not least for the pleasure of seeing Jonathan Rees in action. We’re all still falling short of figuring out exactly how edtech, university […]

30 07 2012

I found your blog through your welcomed IHE editorial posted on July 29, 2012. Any chance you could add an RSS feed for your blog?

30 07 2012
Jonathan Rees


Post or e-mail me a link to the instructions and I’ll be glad to do so.

5 04 2013
Howard Stanger

Hi, Jon. A colleague at Canisius directed me to your posts on MOOCs. I’m glad that she did. Thanks for the information and insight. This is a battle that must be undertaken and won if we wish to have an educated populace. I certainly don’t want our education system (K-higher ed) controlled by the 1% and their friends, the technocrats. Maybe their intentions are good, but the profit-seeking vultures will highjack any good intention for their selfish interests to the public’s detriment.

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