Best New York blog ever or why I miss the East Coast.

28 04 2010

Via Boing Boing (of course), I just discovered what has to be the best blog about New York City history in existence. It’s called Scouting New York, by Nick Carr whose profession is to find shooting locations for Hollywood movies in the New York area. It’s history, it’s architecture and man does he post great photographs.

The post that Boing Boing linked to, about Coney Island (see above), is a stunner. I also liked this one and this one, and it looks like I have plenty of back posts to keep reading all summer, so onto the blogroll it goes!


The speech that got Eugene V. Debs arrested.

19 08 2008

My first contribution to the Schlager Group’s blog on Milestone Documents in American History is now up here. My topic is Eugene V. Debs’ 1918 speech in Canton, Ohio, which led to charges being filed against him under the Sedition Act.

The whole blog is well worth your time, and as soon as I get time to overhaul my blogroll on the right, that link will be available from here.

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