Obligatory Roy Halladay post.

6 10 2010

I think I just found a good use for Twitter: Following baseball history from my son’s Karate class (which I usually enjoy thoroughly when the Phillies aren’t in the playoffs). The aggregator I found just went nuts in the ninth inning of that no-hitter, but then immediately cut back to the beginning when the game was over so I couldn’t enjoy the giant communal victory dance.

Despite the increasing smugness of we Phillies fans everywhere, this story from after his perfect game earlier this season explains why even non-Phillies fans should be happy for him:

One by one, the Phillies players walked up to Roy Halladay before Tuesday night’s game and shook his hand. Halladay’s smile was the widest it has been since he joined the team.

The righthander purchased around 60 Swiss-made Baumé & Mercier watches to commemorate his perfect game May 29 against the Marlins. He gave out the watches as gifts to everyone in the clubhouse – all of the players who were on the active roster then, the entire coaching staff, all clubhouse personnel (including batboy Rob DiClementi), training and video staff as well as public relations officials.

The watches were enclosed in brown boxes with an inscription on the front: “We did it together. Thanks, Roy Halladay.”

The guy is all class.


Baseball vs. Football.

13 06 2010

I saw this at the Baseball Hall of Fame today (where the Phillies are well-represented):

Obligatory Phillies post.

29 10 2009

After all, it’s not like my team is in the World Series every year.

Flying meat.

5 12 2008

Via Boing Boing:

The new Tug McGraw.

30 10 2008

Via Phillies Nation:

The last time the Phillies won the World Series, I was 14. This shot is just as good as Tug McGraw jumping, if not better because I’ve been waiting longer for it.

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