Martin Luther King discusses the “New Negro” (1957).

12 08 2010

“Miracles From Agriculture (1960)” (excerpt).

7 08 2010

Back to the movie editing today. This Department of Agriculture propaganda piece is for my food history class, but maybe I’ll use it in survey too. I like it because it shows that supermarkets really can fight communism. The entire twelve minute movie is well worth watching if just for the part where they gush over how much meat Americans could eat then.

By the way, who goes to the supermarket in a tux?

Color photographs from the Farm Security Administration.

5 08 2010

I’m ashamed that I had to go through Boing Boing to see these at what’s practically my hometown paper, the Denver Post. My favorite from their gallery is above.

Two wonderful photosets for Friday.

30 04 2010

1. Yet again via Boing Boing, this article from Wired about the 1939 World’s Fair is quite wonderful and amply illustrated. I think I’ll use the picture above for my syllabus when I teach the history of capitalism next Spring.

2. Based on a tip from the Scout Report (which you should definitely subscribe to), I’ve been avoiding grading this morning by perusing “The Epic of Industry” section of the “Pageant of America” collection at the New York Public Library. They are quite wonderful, but alas not readily available for use in classes. The New York Public Library, however, is an excellent institution so perhaps I might buy the rights to a few for classroom or publication use somewhere down the road.

“They’re scared of what you represent to them.”

21 11 2009

Duke Ellington, “Take the ‘A’ Train,” (1943).

26 10 2009

“People start pollution. People can stop it.”

14 10 2009

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