My object lesson.

12 05 2014

Since one of my editors just tweeted this picture, I think it’s safe to share it with you here:

RefrigeratorCover 2

Writing this short book is where most of my summer will be going. All I can say now, it’s kind of weird to spend so much time on something that is not exclusively a work of history. You should be able to judge the results for yourself sometime early next year.



5 responses

12 05 2014

Love the image!

12 05 2014
Bob Shepherd

This is an awesome cover. I am quite intrigued!

12 05 2014

Cool! I mean “Cold”!

13 05 2014

Wonderful cover! Really invites one to look inside.

14 05 2014
The MOOC/Online Education Industrial Complex. | More or Less Bunk

[…] Thrun interview on Twitter. While such activities are indeed highly amusing, I’ve been busy writing about refrigerators these last few days so I figured I would just let it go. But then Audrey linked to the job […]

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