Fear and loathing in Arlington, TX.

14 10 2013

The rumors are true. I will, in fact, be attending the greatest MOOC conference in the history of MOOCs. If this sounds a little bit like inviting Hunter S. Thompson to cover a sheriff’s convention (w/o the drugs, of course), then you’re not alone. All credit goes to George Siemens, who actually thinks that my warped, humanities-infused, professor-centered perspective will be helpful, and is therefore responsible both for my invite and the financial assistance that will make my trip possible.

Here’s my plan for the December event:

1. Listen [All my MOOC knowledge is self-taught, you know. I have a lot left to learn.]
2. Ask questions.
3. Try to coax as many people as possible into the post-MOOC future as possible.
4. Describe the event for my readers.

Now if I can just convince Ralph Steadman to do the illustrations.



3 responses

14 10 2013

Hooray! I’d been hoping…cheers for George too. I’m not surprised though as that is very in character. Please no cage matches with Stephen Downes. Well, maybe if Audrey Watters covers them. Buddy flick action would be better: Thunderbolt and Lightfoot do moocs

14 10 2013
contingent cassandra

Strikes me as smart decisions all ’round: them for inviting (and funding), you for accepting. I’ll look forward to your coverage.

2 12 2013
“People hate people!” | More or Less Bunk

[…] I leave for my very first MOOC conference and I feel a little bit like Vaughn and Wilson already. After all, […]

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