The Implications of the Northwestern Study, or: Oh God Jordan Weissman What Have Ye Wrought

10 09 2013

So I was reading this post from Pan Kisses Kafka and desperately trying to figure out what the best 140 characters to tweet would be. I couldn’t do it, so I figured why not just reblog the whole thing? After all, it fits today’s theme so well.


I am writing this reaction to Jordan Weissman’s recent article in the Atlantic, “Study: Tenured Professors Make Worse Teachers,” with several obvious (and at times conflicting) agendas.

Agenda One: I’m faculty who works off the tenure track, and I also work very hard to be an extraordinary professor, so I certainly appreciate the finding—flawed as it may be—that college freshmen at Northwestern University slightly prefer their non-tenure-track faculty to their superstars (maybe they all had a class with one professor there who shall remain nameless, but who gave a highly-paid invited talk at OSU last year, and who is just the kind of pompous, inaccessible dickbag who makes people hate tenured professors).

I can’t say I don’t get a bit of smug satisfaction that while the FULLPROFs of the world strut around delighted at how much better they are than the likes of me, the…

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3 responses

10 09 2013
Rebecca Schuman

SWEET. Thanks!!!!!!

10 09 2013
Rebecca Schuman

Also, my sentences are just way too long. It’s an issue.

26 09 2013
Faith is not critical thinking. | More or Less Bunk

[…] Labor History from the University of Maryland in 2011 and is on the job market. His topic is that crazy Northwestern adjunct teaching study which means that it couldn’t be more […]

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