My aunt Nancy is going to freak.

20 06 2013

So I’ve made it into the New York Times. For added value, here’s my tweet in response to the quote after mine:



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20 06 2013

If it were in hard copies, your Aunt Nancy might be buying up all the print copies she could find to scrapbook and give everyone for Christmas. Otherwise, it’s a screenshot, and the ubiquitous Storify posted to Facebook. I was going to take the day off from Twitter. That needs to be a thread with a hashtag

I don’t know how much difference broadening the discussion will make but do think it is necessary at the very least to take the horses to water and other Dorothy Parker versions. 

@qui_oui has a good post out too ~ nuanced, detailed, well supported,


20 06 2013
Nick Hirsch

Congrats, Jon! But what is Daphne Koller thinking about in the photograph at the top of the article?

20 06 2013
Sporch Ezza

My guess: “These shoes are killing me!”

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