Be there or be square.

7 05 2013

When I mentioned yesterday that I was hoping to hear about a very interesting tour date very soon, I never imagined that I would hear that very day. Yet I got the e-mail from the American Historical Association yesterday. The panel I organized, “How Should Historians Respond to MOOCs?,” will be on the program for their annual convention this January in D.C.

It will feature me, Ann Little of Colorado State in Fort Collins (a.k.a. Historiann), Philip Zelikow of the University of Virginia and Jeremy Adelman of Princeton. I remain amazed that Jeremy is willing to put up with me, let alone use some of his credibility to help get this panel off the ground. The moderator will be Elaine Carey of St. John’s, the head of the AHA’s Teaching Division (which is sponsoring the roundtable).

When I wrote the original proposal, I invited Daphne Koller of Coursera to join us. She was interested, but couldn’t commit that far out. You’ll have to check out the final conference program to see if she accepts.



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7 05 2013

if not, there is always Plan B Donald Clark or some other Pearson minion


11 05 2013
That Was The Week That Was | The Pietist Schoolman

[…] meetings. So I’m going to have to miss what I’d otherwise describe as unmissable: a panel on historians and MOOCs organized by frequent MOOC critic Jonathan Rees and featuring Philip Zelikow of the University of […]

13 05 2013
Kathy Schnapper

Do you know whether the American Historical Association offers a means to register for single sessions of the conference? Would like to attend this panel, but most likely will not be able to afford to attend the entire conference and spend several days in DC? Personally, gained so much from Professors Adelman and Zelikow that I have been itching to hear them both speak in the same room (here with other distinguished scholars).

13 05 2013
Jonathan Rees


While I’m not telling you to break the law or rip off the AHA, I have never once in all my years of AHA convention going ever seen a guard at a session door checking badges.

22 05 2013
Stephen Greenblatt will not take questions. | More or Less Bunk

[…] is why I’ve decided to go completely over to the position long held by my friend and future debate partner, Historiann. MOOCs are a bubble. They’re like tulips, Florida real estate and all […]

29 07 2013
“Video killed the radio star.” | More or Less Bunk

[…] there’s what happened in my own state. My friend, fellow cog in the CSU system machine and future debate partner Historiann reminds of this in her most recent post on MOOC Madness. Here she quotes an absolutely […]

14 08 2013
Anti-MOOC really is the new black. | More or Less Bunk

[…] as the spirit moves me. [Indeed, it's about time for me to start thinking about my MOOC paper for AHA 2014.] However, in terms of 2-3 posts of original MOOC thinking per week though, I’m afraid my […]

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