Meanwhile, back in my real job…

17 04 2013

I’m told that I make my debut as a talking head on this Rocky Mountain PBS program about the history of my adopted hometown of Pueblo, Colorado:

I’ve also been told that I didn’t bring shame upon my university and my family name, but I’d still rather watch these Talking Heads than watch me.

You are welcome to take either option. We all stopped making sense a long time ago.



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17 04 2013

Congratulations! You look good without your glasses–I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without them. Did you get contacts?

Is there a scheduled air date for this, or did we miss it?

17 04 2013
Jonathan Rees


Actually, they made me take my glasses off because of the glare. I’m blind as a bat there. The other funny thing, that’s filmed at 9PM inside a museum. Every two minutes, the burglar alarm beeped and I had to repeat my last sentence.

In terms of airtimes, the whole CO history series is still airing (go to the original YouTube page of the above video for details). The Ludlow Massacre episode airs on Thursday, and I’m probably in that too.

17 04 2013

In that case, then, I’m afraid you have no career to look forward to as a superprofessor, Jonathan! Filming at 9 p.m. just seems abusive to me–I’m usually in bed by then.

The one time I was filmed as a “talking head” for a historical documentary, it was in a historic house in Deerfield, Mass., on a very humid late July afternoon. I was chagrined to realize only afterwards that 1) the bed was unmade, 2) my neckline was lower than I thought, so 3) it looked as though I had just rolled out of said unmade bed in order to speak oh-so-authoritatively and seriously about borderlands conflicts in colonial New England! Ah, well: I think they only broadcast it in Canada! (This was before YouTube & digital film everywhere, believe it or not, so I don’t think anyone can dredge it up that way, either.)

17 04 2013
Leslie Madsen-Brooks (@lesliemb)

Nice work! Congratulations!

17 04 2013

so when does your head go talk? link?


17 04 2013
Jonathan Rees


The page for the series is here:

I’ll post next week’s Ludlow episode with me (probably) in it when it’s on the web site. Whether I develop the stomach to watch myself on TV is another question entirely.

19 04 2013

Watching and listening to oneself is even harder than just listening and thinking, ‘that’s not me,.’ Who else would it be? Body (or voice) snatchers?

24 04 2013
Meanwhile, back in my real job… (Part II). | More or Less Bunk

[…] the same interview as last time, I’m also in this half hour on the history of the infamous Ludlow […]

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