Near the foot of Canal Street.

28 12 2012

Just a short note to any historians out there who’ll be in NOLA at the AHA convention next week. I’m going in my capacity as Milestone Documents Course Editor for US History II, pitching in to help sell a great product that I started using long before they hired me to help make it better.

I’ll be at the Milestones booth on Friday and Saturday mornings (January 4th and 5th). Stop by and say hello if you’re around. Just don’t make me talk about the “M” word again.

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3 01 2013
A conversation with Chauncey DeVega about guns, masculinity, and the white violent crime epidemic; Gerda Lerner’s life and death; and why I’m okay with skipping the AHA (again!) : Historiann : History and sexual politics, 1492 to the present

[…] in and For a Digital Age.”  Apparently Notorious Ph.D., Girl Scholar is there this year too, as is Jonathan Rees of More or Less Bunk, which almost makes me regret not being there.  But then, I have to confess that there are few […]

5 01 2013
Mark Rich

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