Adjunct professors are hiding in plain sight.

29 04 2012

So here’s me in the Denver Post trying to change the (academic) world again. It’s online only so I’d be grateful if you click through and recommend or just share widely so that the good people of Colorado might actually read it.

PS Regular readers might guess (correctly) that this is the op-ed I workshopped in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago. Many thanks to Nelson Lichtenstein and the United Food and Commercial Workers for making that trip possible. Next time I do this op-ed thing, I’m shooting for the Chronicle of Higher Education on the subject of online learning. After that, I promise to get back to writing about Walmart again.



3 responses

29 04 2012

Been waiting and about to ask WHEN and WHERE. My community social media territory is NM, so Denver is close enough to post there too.

30 04 2012

Sent on its merry way through cyberspace this morning… already getting likes, comments and RTs

30 04 2012
Jon Curtiss

Nice piece, Jonathan. We’ve been doing a lot of organizing in Michigan.

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