“Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated.”

18 04 2012

I love Wisconsin, but there aren’t a lot of reasons to go there unless you’re driving from Chicago to Minneapolis. Sure, the House on the Rock is the coolest thing ever, but I’m not going to fly out there just for that. That’s why I’m so happy that this year’s Organization of American Historians convention is in Milwaukee.

I’m on the program. If you’re there, you can come say hello when I don’t read a paper about the origins of the American ice industry at 1:30PM on Friday. However, I wouldn’t blame you at all for going to see the panel at the same time with Bill Cronon, Eric Foner, Linda Gordon and Mary Beth Norton instead.

I mention this here only to explain why this blog is about to go dark for about a week.* I don’t leave for Milwaukee until later this afternoon, but I can already tell that this is going to be the busiest convention I’ve ever been to in my entire life. It makes sense when you think about it because an awful lot of ex-cheeseheads like me got on the program probably because they didn’t have much reason to visit the Badger State otherwise either.

Too bad the OAH didn’t organize a field trip to the House on the Rock. Or the Mustard Museum. Or the World’s Largest Six Pack.

* I may tweet a bit, but I refuse to live-Tweet anything because tapping into your phone while someone is talking is rude. And I don’t want any guff about that because you all know in your heart of hearts that that’s true.



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18 04 2012

Alas true about being rude (even though I have encouraged it to provide coverage for the absent). Do tweet an occasional note between sessions. I follow more conferences by twitter than I could bear to attend personally ~ intermittently and with an eye to professional panels or sessions addressing adjunct issues. Packing is electronic, adding meeting and hashtag feeds to reader. At this distance, who will notice my tapping while others talk? Suggestions?

20 04 2012
Music for Deckchairs

Vanessa’s right, I think. Like adjuncts, Australians often have reason to be appreciative of people who take a moment to tweet from major conferences. The major international annual conference in my field is headquartered in the US, as you would expect. One year, with half an eye on its substantial international constituency, the conference travelled all the way to … London. Oh! the fuss. When asked, very mildly, why the prospect of travel seemed such a source of consternation to the organisation given that some of us have to do it all the time, the President said: “Oh, the Aussies will be OK, they’ll go anywhere.”

But sometimes it’s really, really nice not to have to. So we’re always grateful for the notes that are smuggled out, using whatever protocols sit well with you.

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