I really am a professional historian. Honest.

29 03 2012

They tell me that the cover of my new book, coming out in September from Sharpe, will look like this:

Perhaps I might be forced to do some actual history blogging when that happens.




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29 03 2012
Barbara Sullivan

Congratulations–I’m amazed at your level of energy as reflected in your multiple endeavors! And I’m sure you’re already at work on the sequel about the transformation of deindustrialization, which promises to be even more radical.

Thanks, by the way, for your advocacy on behalf of us part-timers.

30 03 2012
Jonathan Rees


I’m actually in negotiations for a prequel on early industrialization. The goal is to get both of them assigned in survey classes so that I can afford to put my kid through college this fall with the minimum amount of debt possible.

2 04 2012

Nice cover!

Haven’t you been writing about this subject all along on this blog? (That is, the process of industrializing teaching via the intertoobs?)

2 04 2012
Jonathan Rees

Yeah, I’m strangely consistent. The book, however, is almost all about the past (which explains the title of this post).

18 09 2012
Neurasthenia and other stuff that I find interesting. « More or Less Bunk

[…] book is out! [Not this one, this one.] It’s called Industrialization and the Transformation of American Life: A Brief Introduction […]

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