A preview of upcoming attractions.

4 01 2012

Today’s the day I leave for the AHA in Chicago. While I’m sorely tempted to say something profound about the job market, I have to spend most of two days interviewing candidates it’s probably best that I don’t. However, I wrote this post right before the AHA convention a couple of years ago. That year, I wasn’t going at all and felt that I could speak freely. The funny thing is looking at that post again it’s still pretty much what I think now too. Therefore, it’s going to have to still serve as my thoughts on that subject for the duration. However, if you see me in the book exhibit when nobody’s around, I promise I’ll bloviate more if you’re somehow interested in such things.

I am, however, doing a few things other than interviewing job candidates. I’m signed up for THATCampAHA on Thursday afternoon (where I actually proposed a session). I’ll see how that goes and I promise to report on the whole experience in this space sooner or later.

Equally importantly, there’s a hole in our interview schedule on Friday that will allow me to attend “Successfully Teaching History in the Online Environment: Experiences, Tips, and Thoughts.” Seriously, I’m not going to be difficult. I’m genuinely interested in how people make the best of that situation and I promise to report on that here too.




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