I was wrong about Twitter.

29 04 2011

Can you blame me? I mean the whole 140 character thing just smells vapid. However, tools can be used for good or for ill and there are more than enough people out there in various history-related professions using Twitter to share interesting stuff that you are losing valuable information if you aren’t following them. You can see some of them at my feed.* Start with the folks I’m following, then expand out from there.

This mea culpa has been prompted by the news that Delicious has been saved from extinction. I first used that bookmarking service to show good student posts to other students on class blogs, then to mark articles for possible future blogging on this blog itself. When Yahoo announced that it was phasing out Delicious, I switched over to Twitter for that purpose. However, I’ve now seen that Twitter is good for a lot more than just that.

I have now gone back to Delicious for that task on this blog, so that my Twitter Feed can go more free form: messages, snarky comments, etc. Occasionally, I’ll do what so many other people do and Tweet my own posts (but only if I think it deserves extra attention). I still promise to include nothing about my breakfast should you elect to follow me, but from this point forward it will be more than just links.

* Of course, the last thing I followed on Twitter was the Next Great American Restaurant (at least until the finale next Sunday), but really I am following some much more serious and interesting Tweeters.




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