If you happen to be in Colorado…

18 04 2011

You might want to get involved in what I’m doing the next two days. Tomorrow is the next installment of the lecture series at the Colorado Historical Society, held at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center at 1370 Grant Street in Denver because of the renovation of their old building:

How did the firm blamed for the Ludlow Massacre try to prevent disaster from striking again? The Rockefeller Plan, a “company union” created by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., was designed to calm labor relations at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company after the worst incident of labor violence in Colorado history. Dr. Jonathan Rees of Colorado State University at Pueblo explains both the successes and failures of this attempt to create industrial democracy over the course of its history between the two world wars. While this story takes place in southern Colorado, its lessons deal not just with the history of mining and steelmaking in this state, but also with how companies managed labor during the age of industrialization—and even today.

I do one lecture at 1PM and the other at 7PM. The other thing is this:

Everyone I know who’s seen it says the movie is awesome and you can see clips here. So I hope you’ll understand if this space is unchanged until Thursday.



One response

19 04 2011

Wish I could be there! But alas–my day job, plus the domestic routine and the need to write a little talk I’m giving myself Thursday night, etc. Let us know how your talks were received & your overall observations.

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