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1 04 2011

I ran into Dale Van Eck (the same guy mentioned in this AHA Perspectives article that you should definitely read) here in Charleston yesterday. He promptly informed me that D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation,” perhaps the most important and disturbing film of all time, is now available in its entirety at the Prelinger Archive.

There’s no way I’m watching it now, but having never seen the whole thing all the way through I’m excite dto download it and begin the process.

PS If you are coming here after reading said AHA Perspectives article, please keep scrolling to the post below this one and answer the question if you can.




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2 04 2011
Middle Seaman

Since I teach in an engineering school, my experience may be of little use. I provide some examples of my experience nevertheless. For instance in a class on bio-medical engineering, a Youtube video on robot surgery provides a great insight into the way the surgery is performed. One the hottest topics in health care today is services provided electronically; it uses the names eHealth or mHealth, for electronic or mobile. The simplest form of health care exchanges are through cell phones. Youtube provides plenty of presentations from all over the world including poor and rural countries in Africa, Indian tribes in the Amazon, etc.

My assessment is that Youtube expands students horizons, in the above mention courses, and allows us to watch processes we would otherwise not see.

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