Does Jesus hate Adam Smith?

20 03 2011

If Jesus loves free market capitalism, why would he hate unions? After all, aren’t unions simply a bunch of workers doing what the invisible hand says they’re supposed to do, namely bargain for higher wages? Shoot, even Ronald Reagan understood that free trade unions were at the forefront of the fight for freedom.

It’s funny that anyone who makes any claim to believe in rational markets expects working class people to irrationally submit to arbitrary authority at the expense of their own economic well being. But then again, why should I listen to anyone who wants to draw any direct parallels from slavery and apply them to today?




One response

21 03 2011

Almost as funny as the notion that anyone who supports free markets could argue that governments should not regulate business. Just goes to show that none of them actually read Adam Smith, or at least the part where he explains why free markets can’t function without effective government regulation. But the term “free market” has long since lost any actual connection with the theory of economics espoused by the much revered (if unread) Mr. Smith.

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