That only took a year.

11 03 2011

As any reader of academic journals knows, the time between publication and the first reviews of someone’s book can seem like an eternity. It seems that the Journal of American History got one of my book up in a little more than a year.

It’s mostly a nice summary of the complicated argument with the few subjective assessments being positive. I’ll take that any day!



2 responses

11 03 2011
Jack Rip

Happy for you success. In my corner, we publish only papers in journal and refereed conferences. Some of the conferences are difficult to get into and weigh as much as journal papers.

Most the publicans in my field are worthless and have no scientific contribution. I wonder what is quality in other fields.

11 03 2011
Jonathan Rees

Thanks Jack,

History articles have an even slower publication time horizon than book reviews. I’ve heard of journals backed up for three years or more.

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