So neutrality isn’t good enough anymore.

10 02 2011

I’m not the least bit surprised to learn that Glenn Beck hasn’t got the foggiest idea why the men who died at the Alamo gave their lives, but the highlighted part of his rant below still surprises me:

“Remember the Alamo”? When they teach “Remember the Alamo” to students in Texas, teachers now have to be careful how they teach it, because it has to be taught with a neutral perspective. In Texas classrooms? “Remember the Alamo”?

Well, let’s make sure we get it right. They were only fighting for Mexican independence. Uh, that’s the truth, but apparently, that’s not good enough.

If you’re like me, when you first heard this, you wouldn’t believe it. But let me show you an article from 2002 about how Texas schoolteachers feeling more pressure to, quote, “bring more perspective into state history.”

I’m so old when I remember that teaching history from a neutral perspective was the goal of conservative educational reformers. Apparently that’s not good enough anymore. Now they want blatant cheerleading, which makes Beck’s support for Mexican independence all that more bizarre.




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