Teaching the history survey without a textbook: Episode 2.

27 01 2011

Episode 1 is here, if you don’t remember what this is all about.

I realized two things during week two of teaching survey without a textbook that I think are both pretty important:

1. Because I’m substituting a subscription web site for a textbook, I can actually tell who’s subscribed and who hasn’t since Milestone Documents has promised to get me a list of everyone who’s subscribed from my class by Monday. This is excellent news! You certainly can’t get that kind of accountability from a paper textbook.

2. Say what you will about the typical history textbook, but even if they didn’t read it students could always start at the index and use it as an encyclopedia. While many of the terms I’ll be quizzing them on line up nicely with documents that I’m forcing my students to read, others will only be covered in lecture.  That means I’ll have to give time before each quiz to take questions about terms that they might not have gotten the first time around.  This could be good reinforcement, but it will be interesting to see how many questions I actually get.




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27 01 2011
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