A rather lame report on the AHA.

11 01 2011

Despite snow in Dallas (of all places), I have indeed made it back from the AHA. Since we were (and technically still are) interviewing in my department, I saw and heard almost nothing about the wider convention. I also need to be circumspect about my usual ranting on the subject of the academic labor market for the same reason. Therefore, I’ll limit myself to quoting others on this score. Here is the best paragraph of a depressing article from Inside Higher Education:

[I]t is “immoral,” said Teofilo Ruiz of the University of California at Los Angeles, to keep accepting history graduate students into programs when only about one in four ever get the tenure-track jobs for which they are trained, according to Townsend’s estimates. The remainder either find jobs outside the academy, leave before finishing, or are hired as adjuncts and part-time faculty at what Ruiz described as a “miserable, exploitative salary.”

I know Teo because I grew up with his kids back in lovely Princeton, New Jersey. That quote only improves my already very high opinion of him.




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