Nothing about my breakfast. Just links.

17 12 2010

By far the most annoying thing about Yahoo! phasing out Delicious is that I have to start tweeting in order to keep having my shared links appear in the “What I’ve Been Reading” section to the right of this blog. Not only has this been helpful to me when it’s time to write posts, I can see that somebody clicks on something from that list almost every day. Therefore, rather than wait for the axe to fall, I went and did what I vowed I’d never do and started a Twitter account. My user name is jhrees.

If you are an advanced Twitterer and you elect to follow me, my pledge to you is that I will never leave any commentary about myself or what I had for breakfast. All you’ll get are links to historical and academic stuff that I think are interesting. If you aren’t an advanced Twitterer, you can still see this same stuff over on the right.

One more thing oh people who have been using Twitter for some time now, who the heck should I be following (other than Steve Martin, that is)?



2 responses

18 01 2011
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[…] tweets (which I continue to promise will always be nothing but links) remain on the right of this post, for those of you unwilling to […]

29 04 2011
I was wrong about Twitter. « More or Less Bunk

[…] Tweet my own posts (but only if I think it deserves extra attention). I still promise to include nothing about my breakfast should you elect to follow me, but from this point forward it will be more than just […]

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