What history blogs should I be reading?

9 12 2010

Via the Way of Improvement Leads Home, I found this list of the “Top 50 American History Blogs.” Unlike John Fea over at the Way, I can definitely argue with that list. Not to name names, but it’s far too top-heavy with military and Pre-1877 stuff for my late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century tastes.

Reading that list, however, reminded me that I was going to try to tilt my Google Reader away from politics (disaffected and depressed liberal Democrat that I am) and more towards history. The column on the right here labeled “HISTORY LINKS” is a pretty close copy of what’s on my feed minus the politics. Perhaps I’ll tour a few of the economic history blogs on that top 50 list sometime, but rather than go randomly through there or Cliopatria’s giant history blogroll I’d prefer some recommendations.

So what history blogs should I be reading that I’m not already? And please note that despite the fact that I’m an Americanist, I’ll read non-American history blogs too if they’re interesting and informative.




2 responses

10 12 2010
Joshua Paddison

I’d recommend Religion in American History, an excellent group blog.

12 12 2010
Jeremy Young

There’s always my new site, though it’s less explicitly historical than I’ve been in the past.

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