Keeping track of what you’ve read with LibraryThing.

25 10 2010

I’m obviously getting old. How do I know? I can’t remember what I’ve read a month after I read it. It’s not as bad as that sounds at first glance. My reading comprehension is still the same as it always been. The problem is that I can’t remember the titles of what I’ve read in any given year. I remember information, but I often have no idea where I read it first. As I get less possessive about books and the technology itself changes from paper to pixels, I fear this problem will get worse before it gets better (assuming it ever gets better).

My new solution to this problem is LibraryThing. The site is a place to record your library, and get suggestions from people who read the same kinds of things that you do. I’ve been meaning to join it for some time, but it was trying to pick a Christmas present for my brother that made me pull the trigger. I usually buy him the best thing I read all year, but this year I can’t remember what that was! Sure, I should probably take a look at all the lovely social functions there so that I can pick all the best books for a finicky reader like myself. For now though, I’ll simply settle for keeping a running list so that I ditch the sinking feeling that I’m slowly losing my mind.



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