From now on, nobody is allowed to use the word “colleges” to represent all of higher education.

14 09 2010

Via the Edge of the American West, I see that the New York Times wants to know why colleges are so selective. While Neddy Merrill over there refers you to Dean Dad’s response, I’ll refer again back to Historiann’s, who had the virtue of writing it before this drivel one was even published. Nevertheless, if you click the NYT link you’ll see many of the usual suspects in the NYT‘s debate.

You’ll also notice this amazing paragraph in the introduction:

Private institutions that were famous for admitting anyone who could pay are now “highly selective.” Public universities whose mandate was to educate all high school students with a C average now wait-list transfer students with A-minuses.

I work at a public institution and I just found out that we admit 96% of our applicants. Granted, you have to meet certain minimum criteria in order to be able to apply, but that’s still a pretty generous percentage if you ask me. Indeed, it’s also totally consistent with the mission of my public university.

Where exactly do these New Yorkers do their research? Don’t they realize that there are other public universities out there besides Binghamton and Berkeley?



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