Free stuff without the middle man.

22 08 2010

Randall Stephens is my new hero. Yes, his post on maps is good for finding maps to use as slides for class (which I needed), but what I hadn’t realized until I started clicking his links was that publishers had started giving their slides away for free on the Internet rather than requiring me to take a copy of the book through their representatives and then get them from the disc that goes with it.

This is wonderful news to me because I’ve been aspiring to double my supply of slides fast so that I can change the way I lecture. My goal is to work off the pictures rather than my notes so that I can be more spontaneous. Having such large slide libraries available at my fingertips is much more efficient than just using Google Images to find everything that I need.

If there are any publishers doing the same thing that aren’t in Stephens’ post (I found the Bedford St. Martins image library myself but lost the link), please drop me a note in the comments.



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