Chicago in the 1890s.

4 08 2010

Got into a friendly argument with a friend of mine as to whether the cold storage plant at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago was inside the fair grounds or not, and while settling it I ran into “Chicago in the 1890s,” an amazing collection of maps at the University of Chicago Library’s web site.

They’re comprehensive, they’re zoomable and I think I won my argument with this one. Look due south of the gate at 64th Street and you’ll see that the cold storage plant is on the grounds, just as I thought.



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6 08 2010
Top Of My Head

I had to chuckle as I read this one. I hate to lose an argument and I will search and search for the answer until I find out if I was right or wrong. You’re pouring over maps and it just reminded me of me. I love this post. 8)

6 08 2010
Jonathan Rees


It actually didn’t take that long. I think I Googled “Chicago Columbian Exposition map” and got the one I linked to above in less than ten minutes.

29 03 2013
Pride of Machinery Hall | Austin Frederick

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