Not another post about plagiarism.

2 08 2010

I was going to devote today’s post to this terrible New York Times article about plagiarism, but really the illustrious Historiann has already written everything that I might have written myself (and she’s much funnier than I am too).

So, instead, let me tell what I was doing most of the day. I was watching Matt Pinsker from Dickinson College (who’s here for the week) talk about slavery and he’s got some incredible resources on slavery and the Civil War up over at his place. [Update: Ugggh, I fixed the link.] The visuals at their site on the Dred Scott case, which is actually hosted at Gilder-Lehrman, are particularly good. The picture above is of Dred Scott’s mark (he was illiterate) on his original lawsuit. What a great way to illustrate that point!

If the mid-19th century falls within your teaching realm, you should definitely check all this stuff out.



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