My new hero.

27 07 2010

Like Inside Higher Ed suggests, she really is very good:

To the point. Well-informed. Compelling.

I as particularly struck by how well Von Dassow illustrates the importance of understanding your school’s budget so that you can see the big picture. If you don’t, bad things will happen and you won’t even know it. Indeed, it sounds to me like she’s an AAUP member, which of course I always advocate.

I was also struck by this response to the speech from that Inside Higher Ed article:

“Professor von Dassow’s perspective is one of many faculty perspectives at the University of Minnesota. We certainly appreciate her taking the time to express it. The University Senate overwhelmingly supported the president’s plan for temporary pay cuts and his operating budget was unanimously supported by our Board of Regents.”

Did the University Senate even have a choice or was it presented to them as a fait accompli as these things usually are? I’m guessing the latter. And I wonder why they didn’t ask the faculty at large…



One response

1 08 2010
Bill Gleason

Yes indeed the admin’s response that you quote above was more or less bunk.

The faculty did NOT feel that they had any choice. Bruininks told them that it was his way or the highway…

If you want to see how the faculty Senate meeting went down and Bruininks appalling performance at it, please check out this YouTube video:

Bill Gleason, University of Minnesota faculty and alum

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