The world must be coming to an end.

22 06 2010

I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Ohio University higher education expert Richard Vedder about absolutely anything. I now agree with Richard Vedder about something:

We could move to reduce the impact of student evaluations, or even eliminate them. One reason for their existence—to convey knowledge to students about professor—is usually met separately by other means, such as the Web site. Alternatively, colleges could by mandate or the use of financial incentives encourage faculty to become more rigorous in their grading. If state subsidies started to vary inversely in size with grade-point averages, state schools would quickly reduce grade inflation. In any case, we need more research into WHY students today are working less. But I would bet a few bucks that grade inflation and student evaluations are part of the answer.

Perhaps if I ever recover from the shock, I’ll offer to buy him a beer some time. Hopefully, it will be paid for out of the financial incentives my university gives me for maintaining rigorous standards in my classes. Now if that happens I’ll know the world is coming to an end.




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