Stray links (mostly) about blogs for a Friday morning.

9 04 2010

* This is the most useful post on food history that I’ve ever encountered. The author recommends the blog Four Pounds Flour, which I would have put on my Google Reader feed solely on the basis of the graphics.

* Another new favorite of mine for food stuff is Vintage Ads.

* Speaking of blogs, I know I’m late to the party but Lawyers, Guns and Money is my new favorite blog.

* It’s feast or famine at Steamboats Are Ruining Everything, and it’s been a feast there lately. I’m grateful to this post if for no other reason than for introducing me to Bookride.

* The picture up top, of course, has nothing to do with blogs. I went looking for it after reading Dolores Hayden’s Building Suburbia, which is a very good survey of urban history at the metropolitan fringes since 1820. What’s killing me though is that she has another graphic from the S.E. Gross Company of Chicago that I love even better than that one at the top of this post from the Library of Congress. If anyone can tell me where the original of the S.E. Gross company flier captioned “Where All Was Darkness, Now Is Light” is, I’d be very grateful. I can’t seem to find the illustration credit in the text.




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