Reorganized photos on the Library of Congress site.

7 04 2010

While this may not seem like much, it really is. The Library of Congress has reorganized the presentation of its pictures online and it is absolutely spectacular. From the LOC’s blog:

Some of the new features include nifty new ways to browse our 1.25 million online prints and photos, such as grids that give a quick overview of dozens of images at once and even a slideshow format that lets you toggle bibliographic information on and off.

But what’s most exciting to me personally is our new “sharing tool” that can be found at the top of every page in the new catalog, which lets users easily post links to their favorite social media sites.

Not only can individual images be saved or posted, but entire pages, specific searches, or collections can be saved and shared. I can think of many uses for this, especially in education, where a teacher might search for a highly granular set of pictures for use in the classroom, and then share the set with a colleague for his or her own students.

I was just browsing the National Child Labor Committee Collection (where I got the Indiana glass works boy above). Leave aside the fact that I didn’t know they even had the National Child Labor Committee collection. Hit “view all” on the left and you can now see 100 thumbnails from the collection at once. If memory serves me well, you used to have to click twice to see any single picture and go back twice before you could go forward to see another.

Bravo Library of Congress! Now pardon me while I go share some pictures.




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