The academic world is flat too.

6 04 2010

I woke up this morning, checked Google Reader, and thanks to RYS ran straight smack into “Some Papers Are Uploaded to Bangalore to Be Graded.”

In an attempt to get around the firewall on that article (anyone with a Chronicle subscription should know what to do) I went to the site of the Indian company that runs the service and found that EduMetry’s Virtual-TA is recruiting Americans!:

We’d rather have work come to you—electronically—than be constrained by geography and settle for less than the best.

Isn’t that special? In other words, American universities can go through India to proletarianize the unemployable American graduate students that they themselves produce. Academic jobs aren’t going to underpaid Indians. They’re going to underpaid Americans, and this story will only help recruitment.

Now I’m really depressed, all the more so because in a giant mansion somewhere Tom Friedman is smiling.




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