This isn’t going to help the professor come student evaluation time.

22 03 2010

Via the Huffington Post:

I was totally with the professor in this video, and I guess I still am, but then the cops show up and act like the student had a gun or something. Haven’t they ever heard of escorting someone from the room?

The funny thing is that I was just reading that William Bennett thinks racism is dead.




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22 03 2010

Ok, am I to assume you suggest this involves racism because the verbally aggressive student is black?

Are your readers supposed to immediately presume that the professor is not?

I’d also suggest this incident involves racism, but not in the way I think you suggest.

Let’s flip it:

If the prof in this case were black and the student white, would this have happened?

How about if the prof were male?

If the prof were Hispanic?

Having been accused of racism by similarly belligerent African-American students, it’s intriguing that that same accusation never comes when the same discipline is applied to Caucasian students. If the same discipline is applied to everyone, where’s the bias?

I think the real racist phenomenon here does have to do with the cultural phenomenon of what Ms. Foster described as “If you disrespect me, I’ll disrespect you back,” often with little understanding that telling someone ever so politely to “shut up” (for lack of a better phrase) and listen is not disrespectful from an authority figure, that any teacher has the right to kick a student out of class for being disruptive, and that she paid for an educational opportunity, not the right to threaten professors and students in an attempt to play her feminine version of Whose-Penis-Is-Bigger. (Would the female version be Who has the biggest tits?)

Also, let’s not ignore the following comments:

“I’m not goin’ anywhere, so you’ll have to carry my ass outta here”


“What are you doing?” followed by slaps of the officers arms as he attempts to escort her out after the above statement.

I’m going to take a wild guess at something:

Something like this has never happened to you, has it?

Because if you taught at one of the MANY schools where this is if not a daily occurrence, then at least there is a daily threat of it happening (usually only not happening because the profs involved have learned how to defuse these situations without a spot of actual training or support from administration), you would realize that this young woman escalated this situation herself, with her own words, actions, and the threats involved.

If anything, this is more of a class issue than a race issue. Because this same exact behavior is enacted by white and Hispanics undergrads as well. And it’s never at Harvard or Yale.

P.S. Would you still be sympathetic if the student she threw a water bottle at had a concussion?

23 03 2010
Jonathan Rees

Ah, my subtlety is getting me in trouble again.

The racism I see is on the part of the cops (certainly not the professor). They should have at least tried talking her out of the classroom before they put her on the ground. I’ve seen bar fights where the perpetrators got more consideration.

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