Library of Congress blogging…

25 02 2010

…while I’m waiting for my books to come up (and so I can find some of these links when I return home):

* My nightmare.

* If you have to allow guns on campus, this is the way to do it (and I’m not just kissing up).

* Note to Historiann: Don’t you think this might have something to do with the fact that the Colorado budget situation is only marginally better than California’s?

* I remain in the “All Reading is Good Reading” camp, but this still doesn’t strike me as good news.

* Speaking of nonfiction reading, I finished this on the plane yesterday, and couldn’t recommend it more highly.




3 responses

25 02 2010

My colleagues’ departure has something to do with the absence of meaningful counter-offers, but in the cases before me now, it’s also due to spousal employment reasons as well as (in one case) an offer at a uni that couldn’t be refused because of its geographical location (for both professional and personal reasons on the part of one colleague.)

Interestingly, we lost two faculty members recently–they went to UCSD and San Diego State, so obviously they weren’t trading up in terms of budget woes! (Again, professional and personal reasons were in play in those cases too.)

You think we’re in this for the money?

25 02 2010
Ted Leach

Thanks for the tip on the Chronicle article and “The Whale.”

25 02 2010
Jonathan Rees


If the California state system can muster contracts that are good enough to attract two of your colleagues during these difficult times, that just tells me how inequitable things really are over there.

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