On socialism.

19 02 2010

Somebody really ought to tell this guy that a book about the history of socialism is not the same as a socialist book. And come to think of it, somebody ought to tell conservatives everywhere about the results of this poll.

Late Update: This is very good:

[O]wning a book means an intellectual curiosity, not blind allegiance to what’s inside it.

This whole post on this stupid “controversy” is well worth a read.




2 responses

21 02 2010

“Socialism had the lowest percentage positive rating and the highest negative rating of any term tested. Still, more than a third of Americans say they have a positive image of socialism”.
“Exactly how Americans define “socialism” or what exactly they think of when they hear the word is not known. The research simply measures Americans’ reactions when a survey interviewer reads the word to them — an exercise that helps shed light on connotations associated with this frequently used term”.

Clutching and clawing!

24 04 2012
Has it really come to this? « More or Less Bunk

[…] quoted one of my favorite icons of that time, who I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog more than once. “Do not worry over the charge of treason to your masters, but be concerned about the […]

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