“College Makes You Liberal.”

19 02 2010

That’s the headline over at Political Wire, covering a bit from Fox News reporting on a new study by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute that says recent college graduates are more liberal on social issues like gay marriage, but less knowledgeable about civics.

There are lot’s of problems with that conclusion, and even more with the way Fox News spins it (see Political Wire for that video clip). What fascinates me though is the relationship that’s being created here. These are two of the study’s major findings:

* While College Fails to Adequately Transmit Civic Knowledge, It Influences Opinion on Polarizing Social Issues…
* Civic Knowledge Increases a Person’s Regard for America’s Ideals and Free Institutions

Some of us actually think that support for gay marriage is an excellent sign that college students understand freedom and America’s ideals better than the Intercollegiate Studies Institute seems to think they do.




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