The Baffler is back!

3 02 2010

So George Packer hates Twitter. I’m right there with you buddy, but the much more important news in this post is that The Baffler has returned. [I actually hadn’t realized that it died, but then what do I know anyway?]

If you don’t know The Baffler, it was founded by the historian turned journalist Thomas Frank and was famous for its cultural analysis of economic issues long before Frank became famous for doing the same with politics in What’s the Matter With Kansas?.

The website offers free access to a lot of great material, including their awesome archives. If you don’t know anything about the magazine, but are looking for a place to start reading try their labor issue from 1997. It’s pure genius.

Excuse me for cutting this post short, but I have to go renew my long-dormant subscription.



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18 11 2010
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