Why do the Reaganites hate Reaganism?

4 12 2009

Thomas Frank applies the new Republican purity test to the epitome of conservatism:

Consider the central article of the first point on the list—a commitment to “lower deficits.” That would not only banish former President George W. Bush and many members of the late Republican Congress, since they infamously squandered the surplus and ballooned the deficit, but also former President Ronald Reagan, whom the authors of the 10-point program, in a long preamble to their test questions, hymn as the ne plus ultra of conservatism.

Indeed, the Reagan administration would flunk the test with flying colors. After item one comes item five, which insists that anyone who would call themselves Republican oppose “amnesty for illegal immigrants”; well, it was Reagan who signed into law the 1986 amnesty bill that is so hated by opponents of illegal immigration.

Item No. 7 demands “containment of Iran,” a nation to which the Reagan administration sold weapons. Strike three. Take his name off that airport!

I here the guy hardly ever went to church either. That should have been their first warning.




One response

4 12 2009
Ben Hoffman

Yep, the myth of Reagan is void from reality.

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