If you have time to kill today…

1 12 2009

My reading recommendation is the comments to this post by Stanley Fish. The post is old hat, but the comments are mostly excellent. Even the anti-academic screeds are generally thoughtful.

My absolute favorite, however, is 76:

It is not required of professors that they be politically neutral. It is their professional obligation to search for the truth. When their findings are inconclusive or facts are elusive, as happens often in the humanities and social sciences, they are free to offer their opinions, provided they label them as such and encourage their students to voice their, perhaps different, opinions. Advocacy, which in practice downplays or even denies inconvenient facts, has its place, but not in the classroom.

I’ve never seen that sentiment put so well in so few words, and I bet both Stanley Fish and Cary Nelson would agree with it if given the opportunity.




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