“My biggest fear,” Mr. Yudof said, “is an exodus of faculty.”

20 11 2009

So tuition is going up 32% in the University of California system and the system president’s primary concern is the faculty? Really? Why then doesn’t he just turn around and use all that new money to increase professors’ wages?

Let’s look at the whole title quote of this post, as reported in the NYT:

Mark Yudof, the university president, said the state budget cuts had left the university no choice but to raise fees, and noted that the system received only half as much, per student, from the state as it did in 1990.

“My biggest fear,” Mr. Yudof said, “is an exodus of faculty.”

Unless the Times skipped something in the middle there, that’s practically a promise to raise wages. After all, if keeping faculty from moving really was the UC’s primary problem, the fix ought to be really obvious. It’s also a complete dismissal of any concern for the economic and racial diversity of the student body. Should it make us feel better or worse then that this concern for the faculty is almost certainly disingenuous?



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