It’s not what you read. It’s THAT you read that matters.

6 09 2009

The New York Times has accumulated an interesting collection of advice for college freshman today. Some of it is much better than the rest of it. My nomination for worst advice ever goes to James MacGregor Burns:

Try to read a good newspaper every day — at bedtime or at breakfast or when you take a break in the afternoon. If you are interested in art, literature or music, widen your horizons by poring over the science section. In the mood for spicy scandals? Read the business pages. Want to impress your poli sci prof? Read columnists.

Hasn’t he ever heard of the Internet? You might as well tell them that the Model T is a reliable and affordable means of transportation. It’s not what you read so much as that you read that matters. That’s why I like Gary Wills’ advice much better:

Read, read, read. Students ask me how to become a writer, and I ask them who is their favorite author. If they have none, they have no love of words.

Nicely put. Works as well too if you never go to college at all.



One response

7 09 2009
Bryan - After5PC

Great input on reading. I can’t put it any better than how you said it.

Thanks. Keep reading!!!

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