Omniscient British narrators rock.

21 07 2009

Yes, I know he’s way too far right for someone like me, but as I’ve said before here I like Niall Ferguson. Even though I had already read the book, I started watching “The Ascent of Money” when I was in Australia and was totally hooked. I liked the book a lot, but the series is much better. There’s something about omniscient British narrators traveling around the world that just screams authority. Think David Attenborough.

Shockingly, only now did I think of looking for the rest of “The Ascent of Money” now that I’m home. Rather than see it chopped up on YouTube, here is Episode One on Google Video:

If you go to the original site, there are many if not all – I haven’t checked yet – the other episodes in the 15 pages of related video.



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