Jeb Bush really ought to come up with better insults.

9 07 2009

The good news is that Jeb Bush is distancing himself from using the word “socialist” to describe President Obama. The bad news (via CNN) is that he’s come up with something even more stupid:

Is Obama a socialist?
I don’t know. Define socialism for me. It’s a word… I believe he’s a collectivist. He believes that through collective action, through government, you can solve more problems.

Socialism is pejorative in America, so people stop listening. People are tired of it. That word won’t stick. It’s a turnoff. It doesn’t help.

Collectivist? That’s the ticket! The President is going to round us all up so that we can go work on communal farms.

The funny thing is that earlier in the same interview Bush said:

We haven’t upgraded our message. We haven’t updated it. If you close your eyes and listen to most Republicans, most conservatives, the same speech could have been given in 1990. And you can’t discount that. It’s a pretty important point. If people think our message is outdated, our message is not relevant to the world we live in, and I think a growing number of people may feel that, you lose your relevance.

He believes in his own advice so much that he picked a new insult straight out of the Stalin Era. And honestly, who besides crazy libertarians disagrees with the notion that “through government, you can solve more problems.” Effective government is popular. Destroying government is not.

That’s why the Republican Party is going to be in the wilderness for a long, long time.



One response

9 07 2009

“Effective government is popular”

Problem is, I don’t believe our government is currently capable of being effective when it is so unfocused and bloated. If the GOP is in the wilderness, then the DNC is in the swamp. Either way, We The People are in huge trouble.

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