We only encroach on the Brooklyn Bridge a little.

25 04 2009

I was just going to link to this David McCullough Newsweek article just because I so much enjoyed reading this byline:

“The Great Bridge,” McCullough’s history of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, first published in 1972, has never been out of print.

I should have been more direct the last time I covered this subject. Buy the book.  While you wouldn’t imagine it from the title or even the subject matter, it’s absolutely thrilling.

After I found McCullough’s article online, I noticed the response of the architect who designed the building proposed for the ground near the bridge that McCullough is opposing:

As the architects of a proposed building that is the subject of an opinion piece by author David McCullough (“A Masterpiece in Jeopardy, April 27), we were dismayed to discover that the article was accompanied by a rendering of the building that is inaccurate and significantly exaggerates the size and potential impacts of the building.

So their response is they only encroach on the Brooklyn Bridge a little. I still can’t see a compelling reason why ANY building has to go there. Why can’t there be some open space in Brooklyn?



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