The last gasp of the old Coney Island?

8 09 2008

Gawker reports:

On Friday, lease negotiations broke down between the owner of Astroland, Coney Island’s honky-tonk, 46-year-old amusement park, and its landlord, Thor Equities. It was abruptly announced that the park would shut down forever on Sunday—a month ahead of schedule.

What I can’t tell from that paragraph is whether Astroland is the only amusement park left on Coney Island. When I was last there I was shocked by how dead the place was. Even Nathan’s looked deserted. Therefore, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this is the last one.

In light of that possibility, it’s worth remembering how things used to be:

If you’re wondering, whoever posted this newsreel says it’s from 1930.

Update: Silly me for not checking the Times on this subject:

Astroland’s closing would not mean the end of rides at Coney Island; the Cyclone wooden roller coaster and the Wonder Wheel, which is part of Deno’s Amusement Park, are both city landmarks and will continue to operate next year. Thor Equities said it would also bring more amusement rides to the Astroland site next year.

Astroland, by the way, only dates from 1962. I should have guessed that from the name.



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