Do you remember when Republican presidential candidates actually ran positive ads?

5 06 2008

I saw both of these today while at The National Constitution Center:

Every Presidential campaign ad ever run is available for viewing at The Living Room Candidate. I expect to spend hours there as soon as I have the time.



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7 06 2008

TastyKakes are really good. I shared them with Debra and Liz.


7 06 2008

Quick question for you, I think I heard you translating Latin before, do you know what the following says?

Requiem AEternam Dona Eis Domine

My latin is rough but I remember a few things like requiem for rest and domine for lord–

The other words were in German–Fur Gott Allein


8 06 2008

I do like the Ike ad. Its too bad the Demo’s can’t run a clean campaign. Remember the “Right Wing Consprisacy” every time Clinton got into trouble. In reality it was all just a “Left Wing Cover-up”.

I wish the campaigns would ALL be positive, but I have issues when one side “Talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk!”

But hey, this Philadelphia trip rocks!!

Kinh Hutch

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