Social Security.

26 05 2008

As an added bonus, you can also discuss why FDR is sitting down.



One response

26 05 2008

Hearing FDR speak reminds one of how poor the quality of our elected officials is nowadays.

I’m not even thinking of Bush, who can’t speak without mangling the language, but of the other leaders like DeLay or Gingrich or (giving equal time) Pelosi and Reid. It’s not just eloquence, but the ability to say something without obfuscating.

I think this is much of the appeal of Obama. He speaks well and his message seems inspirational. None of the other candidates had both qualities. Edwards was passionate and well-spoken, but not inspirational. The rest will not be remembered for their eloquence.

I hope that Obama supporters will not be disappointed when he is elected. Even FDR (who had a huge popular following) acknowledged in that speech how hard it had been to get his legislation through. It’s hard to say what sorts of levers Obama will be able to push to do the same when in office.

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